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HP Latex technology helps B!G to realize sustainability

Working on your sustainability commitment is an ongoing daily task. Your shop, building, water supply, heat supply, air supply, your car, deliveries to customers, the sustainability level of all the elements of your products (banners, flags, billboards, etc.) and basic materials that are part of your products. It’s a long journey…

Therefore, the Spanish company B!G is a multi-discipline visual agency, with print as a core part of its portfolio and a strong focus on sustainability. Having invested in HP technology for more than seven years, it was an easy decision for B!G to upgrade to the HP Latex 3200 and HP Latex R2000 Plus models to address an even more extensive range of print requirements without compromising on sustainability credentials. They included a growing demand for brand creation, digital content, concept creation and communication materials including signage, graphics and point of sale delivered with maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing on performance.

Upgrading from its older HP Latex 600 machine to the newer HP Latex 3200 and HP Latex R2000 Plus models was an easy decision. B!G opted to invest in HP Latex technology over the years because of its strong environmental credentials, which include UL ECOLOGO® certified water based HP Latex Inks (this certification demonstrates that an ink meets a range of stringent criteria related to human health and environmental considerations (see also that produce odourless prints, which help to achieve ENERGY STAR® certified energy efficiency. Selected HP Latex printers are ENERGY STAR® certified, demonstrating superior energy efficiency (ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

For more information: read the story in the printed version of SignPro Europe, no 2-2022, coming soon.