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Reasons to consider a large format printer with white ink

The addition of white ink would be an important consideration for print service providers, sign and large format print production companies that are looking to diversify their business.

That’s the basic statement of HP to sell large format printers with the extra of printing with white ink.

This would facilitate expansion into high value jobs, create potential for higher margins and make it possible to offer applications that can meet brand needs in unique and inventive ways.

Reasons to consider a large format printer with white ink are:

Firstly, help your customers stand out with stunning print results. Advertisers are always looking for high impact promotional material to capture the public’s attention. The combination of a brilliant design and an outstanding print job can make all the difference between success and failure. One of the most surprising ways to do this, is by using white ink.

You can, for example, add a white background layer to CMYK images for applications such as backlit signage to emphasize an attractive design and make the colours appear more vivid. You can also improve colour rendering when using it as a base ink on translucent or transparent support, to deliver eye catching visibility—ideal for window stickers.


Secondly, white ink can help enlarge a portfolio of print applications.

When printing Window Graphics on a transparent substrate to be applied to windows, traditionally much of the colour impact was lost due to light passing through the ink. Add a white underfill, overfill, or even a straight up spot white print to display a stylish, crisp and clear message.

When printing Stickers and Labels, create high impact customized stickers printed on transparent, coloured or even metallic self-adhesive media using white ink.

When producing Printed Décor capture the growing demand for customized décor jobs. Achieve amazing results on coloured wallpapers, or special substrates such as wood, aluminium, glass, ceramic and acrylic whilst preserving the media look and feel.

When printing Day and Night backlit signs for eye-catching LED advertising displays add a thin layer of white ink sandwiched between 2 colour layers. This means that during the day only the image on top of the white ink is visible, correctly representing your colour, but at night when illuminated the density of both colour layers enables true colour fidelity. This application also presents opportunities for savvy marketers to incorporate a slightly different image on the underside layer, so you get two advertisements in one.

So far so good. But there are some more reasons to apply white ink. We will soon come back with some other interesting features. In the meantime: read our printed issue of SignPro Europe number 1 this year, and you will find back all the interesting features of white ink with HP White printers. You’ll find that issue already on the website: Or, if you are a subscriber, in your mailbox.