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Wrap it up with Tint-my-Ride and HEXIS

The offices and workshops of Tint-my-Ride are located not far from Kaiserslautern in Germany, operating from a convenient site fully equipped to handle both complete vehicle wraps and full-scale commercial signage.

Tint-my-Ride was founded in 2006 by Christos Johnson. Very soon he saw the potential of self-adhesive films for signage and automotive applications mainly as promotional markings and solar films. In 2012 Christos moved his operation to a new location with larger facilities and the following year started his training as a car wrapper to concentrate on the vehicle business.

As it turned out Hexis was able to offer him a range of films, with its Bodyfence line, that could combine longer durability and self-healing properties with professional support from Hexis staff in Germany. For convenience Hexis supplies vehicle protective films both as roll material and pre-cut sets adapted to a particular car model.

As of today 50% of the work at Tint-my-Ride goes into protective vehicle wraps and a further 30% of its turnover with full colour wraps drawing on a loyal customer base from all over Germany, Luxembourg and neighbouring regions in France. Last year Tint-my-Ride attained annual sales in excess of €300,000, an increase of almost 30% on the previous year and achieved in spite of Covid related restrictions.

Tint-my-Ride- Christos Johnson argues that the success of Hexis Bodyfence products is to a large extent due to their self-healing properties and the fact that cleaning the car becomes easier as dirt will not stick. Indeed any minor surface scratches can be remedied instantly by rinsing with hot water or moderate heat from a hot air gun.

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