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Serbian NS Plakat acquired three Zund cutters in two years

Zünd's current flagship, the D3 L-3200 (cutting width 1800mm/71in) complete with Board Handling System BHS, has been in operation at NS Plakat since mid-2017. The decision makers were particularly impressed with the exceptional modularity and, above all, the productivity of Zünd's latest cutting solution. The D3 is equipped with two beams that can each accommodate up to three different tools. Depending on the specifics of the cutting job, the dual-beam system is capable of delivering up to twice the production speed and throughput.

With up to 20 orders per day requiring change-overs because of different material and processing requirements, the perfect combination of outstanding performance and modularity along with minimal setup time are the key to success, as co-owner Dorde Mihalicki explains: "Zünd's versatility and wide range of capabilities are very important to us. All three of our cutters are perfectly equipped for processing rigid substrates such as cardboard, Dibond, and acrylic. And they are equally well suited for processing flexible materials from rolls. This creates a great deal of flexibility and efficiency in our production workflow."