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Rospil invests in Tau 330 RSC E

Etiquetas Rospil has taken the next step on its digital transformation by capturing new markets with an investment in a Tau 330 RSC E from Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies. Increasing numbers of its own customers are explicitly demanding that their labels are produced on the single-pass inkjet press.

Madrid-based Etiquetas Rospil has enjoyed unstoppable growth due to its strong customer focus and commitment to innovation. It became one of the first companies in Spain in 2013 to invest in digital ink-jet technology with Durst’s Tau 330/200 solutions, which produced more than 10 million linear meters. Etiquetas Rospil has now become the first company in Iberia to install the Durst Tau 330 RSC E. It improves versatility and provides faster order turnarounds to ease pressure on delivery requirements. Replacing the Tau 330, the machine also allows considerable ink consumption savings per linear meter.

The Tau 330 RSC E combines best-in-class print quality with an economic investment and is fully upgradeable to an 8-color label press to provide increased capacity when production requirements increase. Etiquetas Rospil’s model is equipped with four colors plus white.

Mr Pérez said: “We know the future is digital and we will make new progress in the coming years. This is another advantage of the the Durst Tau 330 RSC E – it allows upgrades of productivity up to 80 linear meters a minute and add process colors to match our requirements.