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Women in tech reveal the challenges they face

Over the years, people have begun to recognise the issues regarding gender differences in certain sectors and have started to make an effort towards diminishing it. Women with a passion for technology, who have decided to take a leap of faith in order to make it in a still male dominated world, spoke up about their experiences and the security experts at Specops Software were interested in hearing what they had to say.

In the Women in Tech Survey Report 2019 by Ivanti, women talk about their experiences  in the tech industry. Analysing the report, Specops Software sought to highlight not only what attracted women in this industry in the first place, but how the industry has changed for them in the past year.

In order to achieve this, Specops Software designed graphics to help better visualise the data collated by Ivanti, which showcases the experiences of more than 500 women working in technology around the world.

Women notice a decrease in gender related challenges from the previous year

Women have noticed that, in the majority of situations, the industry has changed for the better. Although ‘being taken seriously due to gender perception’ remains the biggest challenge women have to face in tech, there has been a 14.6% decrease in women experiencing this issue (in 2018, 63% of women stated this as an issue, in 2019 53.8% of women stated this is an issue.)

There is only one issue that noticed an increase from 2018 to 2019 and that is ‘the glass ceiling’. Unfortunately, 27.1% more women feel there is a barrier which stops them progressing.

What would women want most in a new tech role?

Women have spoken up about what they would like a new role to offer them and their requests are far from outlandish. In fact, what women want most is ‘equal pay and benefits’ (63.7%).

‘Clear and well documented progression opportunities’ is next on the list of rights women in tech would like to enforce in their workplace. This comes as no surprise, as mentioned before, many are still experiencing issues with the glass ceiling.

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