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J&G Environmental continues recycling work amid Covid-19 outbreak

J&G Environmental, the UK print waste management company, has continued to provide its recycling and waste services to printers across the country during the Covid-19 outbreak, having been classed as an essential business by the government.
The pandemic has caused huge disruption to the print industry, with some companies having been forced to close and furlough staff in order to comply with restrictions set out by the government.
However, with high demand for print on packaging for critical products such as food, medicines and cleaning products, some print companies are busy turning around work at a fast rate.
J&G Environmental has been supporting its many customers in these and other areas throughout the ongoing crisis, helping them recycle and responsibly manage waste from print production.
As part of this process, J&G Environmental lorries are travelling around the UK, collecting waste and bringing it back to the company’s sites in Dorset and Manchester, where it is responsibly processed.
J&G Environmental has been carrying out all of its operations strictly in line with government requirements and advice, including practicing social distancing within its own offices, having staff wash and disinfect their hands regularly and having drivers wear masks for on-site collections.