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Smartpress Introduces 6 Sustainable Signage Materials

Online printer is celebrating National Recycling Day with six new eco-friendly sign substrates. Along with two existing sustainable signage materials, these new offerings give their customers a variety of green alternatives and bolster the carbon neutral printer’s socially responsible reputation.

“Sustainability is more critical than ever. And we’re passionate about sourcing the best materials with the least environmental impact,” said Matt Hazel, senior director of Supply Chain Management at Smartpress’ parent company, The Bernard Group.

That sourcing includes testing various eco-friendly materials to ensure their viability and confirm they provide the same, if not better, quality than less-sustainable alternatives. “We’re doing our part in finding the greenest and most renewable materials that exist,” said Hazel.

Smartpress’ new substrates are sustainable because:

–          They’re all 100% recyclable, with more than half being FSC certified.

–          Smartpress’ proprietary, plant-based styGreen™ material is ocean-safe (dissolves in water), biodegradable and produces up to 80% fewer greenhouse gases than its non-eco counterparts.

–          The new signage materials join an eco-friendly printing repertoire of recycled stocks and hemp paper.

“Once we’ve established that a material is indeed sustainable, prints the way it should and hits the colours needed, we share it with our clients,” Hazel said. “I’m convinced that together, we have the power to change the world.”

The sustainable signs can be seen at