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Graphics created by CGS – Coast to Coast Consistency with Caldera

Supplying a range of graphic services to highly visible entertainment events all over the United States, CGS (Creative Graphic Services) places a premium on being able to provide quality and consistency to the most demanding of clients. We spoke to Jersey City General Manager Kyle Niner about how CGS hits the sweet spot for the live events industry.

You won’t find names bigger than the Superbowl, the Grammys or the Academy Awards, but CGS started out as a small family business 35 years ago, and has held onto those family values ever since.

Everything they do is underpinned with a commitment to company mantra: if we do things the right way, we will get the right results. This encompasses not only investing in the technology that allows them to create outstanding graphics, but also the way in which they build relationships with their clients based on exceptional customer service.

The company has expanded from its original 1,200 square foot shop to more than 27,000 feet of state-of-the-art printshops located in Los Angeles and Jersey City.

General Manager Kyle Niner explains what the company offers: “We provide event entertainment graphics for the experiential and live events industry. That can be anything from backdrops and banners to exhibit and retail graphics to vehicle and even building wraps – anything or everything that you might see at a big live event.”

One example of the sort of events CGS facilitates is the Superbowl, which they’ve been supplying graphics to for more than 30 years. “

Kyle filled us in on the printers they use: “In both our locations, most of our printers are HP. One area of recent growth the company has seen is in textile printing, particularly in Jersey City and the Northeast. “We’re doing more silicone edge graphics, wall wraps, fabricated set flats for red carpets and photo ops,” says Kyle. “We can also provide pop up banners, trade show graphics, pillows and flags.”

One key concern for the business is maintaining consistency of quality and colours over so many devices in two locations – which is where Caldera comes into the picture.

“We’ve been using Caldera RIP software for about 10 to 15 years,” Kyle tells us, “and we’re very happy with it. We like the customizability it offers. Our print operators are constantly changing their individual preferences in colour management and Caldera caters to this. It allows us to achieve overall colour management consistency over both locations, which is pretty important to us. Other benefits include ease of use – it has a really user-friendly interface. Caldera allows us to keep our offerings at a consistently high quality.”
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