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Zipper-Wall by Showdown Displays Europe made in Europe

Showdown Displays Europe introduces the Zipper-Wall produced in their own production facility. The Zipper-Wall, the well-known tube frame with a textile cover and zipper, is a commonly used exhibition wall. Also, the system is used as a divider or as a backdrop for product introductions or photo backdrop, now produced in Europe (instead of China) and production of custom sizes on demand.

By having an own production in the Czech Republic, Showdown Displays can better anticipate to the demand of its customers and align its inventory and production plan. Unique in the market is now the possibility to produce the Zipper-Wall on demand in custom sizes.

The Zipper-Wall Straight Basic is a 32 mm lightweight frame system, which is a standard size in the market. Because of the tool-free feet and an easy click system, there is no need to use any tools to build up the system. At the moment the system is only available in a straight version. Possibly in the near future the range will be extended with also a curved version and sitting corner. Later this year accessories will be added.

A nice benefit of the in-house production is the price. The system is available for a more affordable price than the already existing Zipper-Wall in the assortment of Showdown. The ‘old’ system will stay in the assortment and is, with its luxurious transport trolley and slightly thicker tubes of 34 mm, a premium choice.

Showdown Displays Europe launched in the beginning of March its new catalogue with over 25 new products. The new Zipper-Wall Straight Basic is along with a new steel tent, budget presentation wall and flags a great addition to the existing event assortment of the company. Next to that, a lot of new products will be added for the hospitality sector, point-of-sale and the office industry.


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