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Texo Trade Services: focus on investing in the future and introducing green products

TTS aims to enable its customers to run their businesses in a socially and environmentally responsible way by launching a sustainable textile line, GREEN Textiles, made from recycled PET yarn. This will allow customers to meet market demand for eco-friendly print products and work towards a sustainable future. The company is experimenting with a Textile Recycling Service to facilitate logistics and offer its customers in the Benelux and Northern France the possibility of collecting and recycling used sublimation printed textiles, this giving its own customers the opportunity to engage in circular signage.
The complete TTS – TexoFabrics textile range is already 100% PVC free, which means a huge reduction in waste because products made of polyester are often half the weight of comparable PVC ones. Additionally, polyester textile can be made from recycled PET bottles. Having said that, it still isn’t always happening, despite an increase in demand for sustainable print products. TTS is set to change all this though with its GREEN textile line, which is offering a green variant of every type of textile, made from 100% recycled polyester. The yarn is produced sustainably from recycled PET bottles, without affecting the properties of the original textile.
Products include non-woven outdoor banners, flag cloth, display cloth and lightbox textile. Opting for a green textile variant means choosing quality as well as sustainability.