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Texo Trade Services acquires Rootring Papier B.V.

Texo Trade Services (TTS) – the specialists in transfer print media and large format, printable textiles – has acquired Rootring Papier B.V. in Utrecht. For 50 years, Rootring has specialised in resizing, re-conditioning, cutting, rewinding and sheeting all kinds of paper. This buyout will put TTS in a better position to respond quickly to demand and reduce costs for our customers. Rootring’s new name is Rootring Paper & Converting.
With its modern machinery and a capacity to process rolls up to 370 metres wide, and weighing as much as 6,000 kg each, Rootring Paper occupies a unique position in the wholesale trade and industry. Its paper saw, which is used to cut mother rolls of paper, and its 370 cm wide paper winder are the only ones of their kind in Europe. Rootring and TTS have jointly invested in a second 320 cm-wide paper winder so they can offer an even faster service. The company was founded in Amsterdam-Oost by brothers Dik and Gerard Rootring in 1969. Liz Rootring is currently the third generation of her family to take the helm, and she will stay on as Managing Director.
Rootring Rootring Paper & Converting is renowned for its ability to process paper of any size, whether on rolls or in sheets. Liz Rootring: ‘Our greatest strength lies in the fact that we enable paper to be used to replace plastic or other materials in virtually any production process. This means that collectively, Rootring and our customers, can make an immense contribution to the circular economy, which will in turn help achieve our sustainable climate objectives.’
For TTS, the acquisition represents a continued improvement of its services. Floris -Jan van den Heuvel, Director of TTS: ‘This buyout allows us to bolster our service with the winding of paper in widths of up to 330 cm. Being able to wind paper ourselves will let us respond more quickly to customer demand. Moreover, it will help us lower our cost price.’

Because Rootring Paper & Converting specialises in providing special and non-standard product specifications, it serves as an extension to the services of many companies. Floris-Jan van den Heuvel: ‘We are constantly researching how we can operate faster, smarter, more economically and more innovatively for our customers. This approach has been instrumental in establishing our leading position at international level. The acquisition of Rootring Paper & Converting fits in well with our philosophy while increasing added value for our customers.’