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SPGPrints presents its brand-new high-speed sublimation printer ARROW

The newest high-speed sublimation printer is developed by SPGPrints in Boxmeer (the Netherlands), which closes the gap between ultra-high-speed digital textile production printing systems such as the PIKE and the JAVELIN, both also made by SPGPrints, and the current range of much smaller sublimation printers.

There was definitely scope for this ARROW, a 4-colour sublimation printer that sets a new standard in fashion and sportswear manufacture. Built for industrial production, with a fast 490 m2/hr output and outstanding quality of up to 720 dpi, the ARROW is the most productive printer in its class. Combined with up to 20% less ink consumption, it offers a rapid ROI when really put to the test. It means that, ultimately, multiple low-end printers can be replaced by just one robust industrial printer that can do it all, delivering outstanding productivity and quality at a lower cost.

At 1900 mm print width, you can choose the most profitable way to produce different designs using different speed and quality modes. From 477 m2/hr in one pass mode at 360 x 360 dpi to 720 x 720 dpi in four pass mode at 122 m2/hr. In two pass mode the ARROW produces 231 m2/ hr whilst maintaining a resolution of 360 x 720 dpi onto the thinnest of transfer papers. Easy operation and great flexibility ensure that you achieve the best quality/production ratio to satisfy more customers with less effort.

The combination of innovative print head cleaning, excellent Konica Minolta print heads and well-known high-density inks from SPGPrints results in 20% less ink consumption for the same designs, but with better definition and more vivid colours. In addition to lower ink consumption, extensive testing in fashion production showed that the ARROW delivers superior quality at 360 x 360 dpi compared to competitors with higher specifications. Don’t just take our word for it, ask for samples!

It incorporates proven technologies that ensure maximum uptime. They include a modular degassing system near the print heads to eliminate the risk of air bubbles. The highly accurate print head carriage accommodates 16 print heads and is built to last even with intensive use. A hot swap ink bottle system allows you to refuel without interrupting print jobs. This, combined with other features, delivers a robust ink system that is at the heart of uninterrupted printing capacity.

Save significantly on paper costs with the ARROW’s advanced printing and drying system. The wide vacuum table offers high speed paper control and allows for lower weight paper. An adjustable cold air ventilation system facilitates greater stability and easier paper drying, whilst the compact feeder and take up system for 45 cm diameter rolls ensure easy operation. From adjustable dancer bar, for perfect tension and speed, to the hot contact area for paper drying, it all adds up to trouble free paper handling that will save you time and money.

With precision printing and reliable production, the ARROW is designed to realise its full potential in any production environment, which is why we made sure that anyone can operate it. We put great effort into designing a user-friendly touch screen panel that makes it easy to control the entire system. Operators can work with clear job tickets, access the complete print history, perform colour or print head recovery without difficulty and check real time production information. And of course, we will provide the necessary support when you are actually using the system.

SPGPrints is a total systems supplier, offering productive hardware, best in class software and compatible inks in different chemistries. Our aim with the ARROW is to help you take advantage of digital printing technology. From installation and application support to an attractive ink deal, we are committed to support you all the way in dye sublimation printing.