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MultiPress delivers a perfect match between production and administration

Sign and WFP company Tiskarna Print Point in Ljubljana made the smart business decision to opt for Dataline-MultiPress. The company is a fast growing production company with a range of digital machines for sign and wide format printing and cutting, producing stickers, labels, but also very wide format signs and big prints.

Tiskarna Print Point now mostly works for B2B customers in Slovenia, supplying most of them directly and approximately 15% via agencies. He now serves people with wide and small format print products for signing, deco, retail, and more.

The bottleneck for the business was the link between production and administration. The volume of production on behalf of customers was increasing day by day. MultiPress, with its coverage of a wide variety of printed products and extensive range of production techniques, turned out to be the perfect solution to manage the situation. Blaz: “We required a sound calculation methodology which means the usage of MultiPress started mostly focused on calculation and CRM (customer relation management).”

He continued: “We can now respond quickly to customer requests and improve services and incoming new work. The solution Dataline’s MultiPress provides is independent from the printing systems and cutting equipment or other tools our company is using. We are aware that we also in this case need to have software that is able to integrate any new production tool that we should acquire in the next step we will make with our company.”

Planning and stock management are now also handled in MultiPress. A new website is also under construction, where the e-commerce part in MultiPress is linked to financial aspects such as price calculation, invoicing and follow-up planning. Blaz: “the modular structure of MultiPress offers an excellent path for future growth and the results from this basic module are there already.”

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