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Free Digital Signage Summit 29-30 July 2020

How to Design for Greener Digital Signage

In supermarkets and convenience stores around the world one of the biggest users of electrical power are refrigerated food and beverage cases. Not only do they use up valuable energy to keep food cold throughout the day but every time a customer opens the door cold air is lost and the refrigerator must work harder to remain cool.

Microsoft and others have recently invested in Cooler Screens, a company which makes digital displays that are integrated into those refrigerator doors, displaying the contents in vivid detail to encourage customers not to open the doors until they know exactly what they wish to purchase. The doors can also be used for marketing and advertising messaging. Walgreens is reportedly putting the technology into 2,500 stores in the U.S.

Invidis has launched its Green Signage Initiative, with the first reports scheduled for launch at Digital Signage Summit Europe, 29-30 July.

Even in times of COVID19 and greatly reduced budgets – greener and more sustainable digital signage solutions are booming. The majority of Europe’s economic stimulus packages require companies to develop a sustainable concept to be eligible for government support. Yet what looks difficult on the surface is in practice quite simple.

invidis has drafted a bucket list with the ten most important levers for greener, more sustainable digital signage. In this session we will discuss trends and drivers with digital signage, IT and smart building experts.

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