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Caldera announces new Customer Success Plan

RIP software house Caldera has announced the launch of a new Customer Success Plan. The aim of the initiative is to give CalderaCare customers a unique user experience that will onboard and welcome them into the Caldera user-base community. It will also open channels of communication between Caldera and new customers, enabling the company to explain how they can work together and to hear what their clients think and feel about the Caldera experience.

As well as enabling users to get the maximum value out of their Caldera products and services, the Customer Success Plan should prove a valuable tool which the company can use to improve the customer experience, reduce early calls to support and to generate interest in CalderaCare webinars and onsite training. The initial format of the Customer Success Plan will be a one-hour presentation that will act as an onboarding event for new customers.

The Success Plan presentation will explain how customers can contact Caldera support, either by using the support form, live chat or by phone, and it will also present the different service levels available to CalderaCare members. Users will be given an overview of Workspace, with instructions on driver selection, and will be made aware of a range of further training options on Caldera products, including webinars, on-site training or sessions at Caldera HQ, as well as the company’s extensive library of how-to videos. CalderaDock and CalderaDesk are also included in the presentation, which finishes by running through the Caldera set-up basics.