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Caldera and G-TEC Global announce strategic partnership

French software creator Caldera and G-TEC Global have announced a strategic partnership to deliver eco-friendly PVC material solutions with high-quality colour management standards for brands and print service providers. The two companies are on a mission to deliver best-in-class graphics across the packaging and visual communication markets with a focus on eco-friendliness.

G-TEC Global is a UK-based manufacturing company best known for its innovative product solutions, such as touch-shield graphics, paper labels and wall graphics. With over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, G-TEC Global forges long-term relationships with their customers, collaborating on custom solutions that enable them to stay ahead of their competitors.

G-TEC Global’s newly developed range of bespoke of both eco-friendly PVP and PVC-free materials, which are backed by a fully digital workflow exclusively powered by Caldera, are now available in the market.

“We are excited to collaborate with G-TEC Global on this new solution, which combines best-in-class components from each of our companies to deliver outstanding results for customers across the packaging and communication markets,” said Sebastien Hanssens, Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Caldera.

“Our new partnership with Caldera is the last piece of the puzzle in delivering world-class quality graphics. Caldera leads the way in wide-format colour management, and we believe brands need to be aware of all the elements required to deliver eco-friendly graphics,” states Thomas Powell, CEO of G-TEC Global.
“Partnerships are key in today’s world,” Powell. “Through our work with end-user brands, print service providers, equipment manufactures and now colour management experts like Caldera, we can ensure we deliver the best possible solution for our customers.”

Press Contact: Sebastien Hanssens – VP Marketing & Operations: