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Apogee v12 workflow software from Agfa coming soon

The release of Apogee v12 marks another step in the automation of print production. The latest version of Agfa’s print production hub introduces new impositioning and approval functionalities, and adds a brand new browser-based GUI for sales reps to control over print production.

Solid and efficient workflow software, adapted to changing market requirements, is a high-value asset for printers. New functionalities in Agfa’s Apogee v12 workflow solution deliver additional cost and time savings through increased automation, flexibility and quality. Additionally, enhanced customer interaction options in the software will help retain existing print buyers or attract new business.

Described in the press release are also Apogee Impose, Apogee WebApproval, Apogee WebFlow, and Customized automation or ATP.

Cloud-based subscription

The covid-19 crisis has made it clearer than ever that the established software buying model is a thing of the past. As a result, Agfa is evaluating its current subscription offering with the intention to design a fair model that varies according to the size of a print shop. As such, payments no longer depend on functionality, but on the amount of processed data, which can vary significantly between users as well as time frames (e.g. high season versus holidays).

Version 12 of Apogee will be available as of October 2020

In sync with Apogee v12, Agfa also releases an update of its web-to-print software StoreFront. Version 5.6 offers additional functionality for approvals. First, there is a new softproof sign-off option for customizable products and variable data printing, which is particularly useful to avoid discussions with print buyers. Secondly, the multi-step approval option enables the sequential approval of print files by multiple stakeholders, benefitting mainly heavy-duty users or users that need to build in e.g. legal checks. In addition, StoreFront 5.6 saves its users time thanks to the autofill option for customizable products.

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