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Agfa launches foldable SYNAPS OM90F

Agfa announced the market launch of SYNAPS OM90F as the latest addition to its SYNAPS synthetic papers portfolio. The launch fits Agfa’s strategy to continuously develop the SYNAPS range of products to keep pace with customer needs in view of new application requirements and evolving print technologies.

The use of SYNAPS as synthetic print media is mainly driven by its water and tear resistance properties. The thin gauge and folding capabilities of OM90F, short for Offset Matt 90 g/m² Foldable, now allow the use of SYNAPS for additional application areas.
Kaisu Soudant, Global Sales Manager SYNAPS, comments: “As a complement to our existing portfolio, SYNAPS OM90F answers the need of the market to have the exceptional print efficiency that SYNAPS offers also available for applications with specific requirements. The 85µm gauge and folding ability of OM90F offer to our customers easy access to relevant additional application segments such as book sections and map printing.”
SYNAPS OM90F has the same ink acceptance layer as the existing SYNAPS OM range to ensure print efficiency in both offset and HP Indigo printing but it has a newly developed polyester core for achieving easy folding. SYNAPS OM90F is available for sales as of today in standard sheet formats while sheet and roll formats to customer specification can be delivered upon request.
SYNAPS is a polyester-based print media developed, manufactured and marketed by Agfa. It comes in two versions based on distinct print technology for offset and elektro-ink (SYNAPS OM) and xerography or dry toner (SYNAPS XM). Both OM and XM products are available in a variety of thicknesses and OM includes also a self-adhesive type. Their use is driven by applications that require indoor or outdoor durability such as tags, signage, labels, posters, menu cards.
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