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A Digital Multi Degree module from Elitron for circular and fixed blades to see things from a different angle

Fespa was a melting pot to “Experience Print in Motion”, and we were showcasing the new, Digital Multi Degree (DMD) cutting module with both motorized giant circular blade and fixed blade option, together with the very best in cutting systems and automation workflow technology to maximise your efficiency and productivity.

This NEW DMD cutting module will take your creativity to the next level. Using either the multi-degree giant, motorized circular blade, up to 200mm in diameter, or the multi-degree fixed cutting tool, both make light work while cutting all honeycomb materials and give you the possibility to digitally set the angle of the blades to suit the job by hand. From 0 to 90 degrees, this NEW cutting module is engineered for design perfection.

In addition, you’ll be able to see the following innovations from Elitron at Fespa, together with the Kombo SDC+, 3200mm width, cutting system:

NEW patented twin 45° blade tool for a single pass 90° V-Cut for honeycomb material: V-Cut in half the time.

Powerful, 3kW Milling Module, with the NEW, automatic, Milling Tool Changer: non-stop milling bit changeover for continual productivity.

NEW Automatic Feeding System, together with the incorporated, NEW patented Seeker System from the underside: SDS: printed files are centred automatically, print side down.