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Take Your Chance Now: get interesting media examples

Dear reader,

We recently gave you the opportunity to attend a series of webinars from HP on HP’s Latex Series printers in the 700, 700W, 800, and 800W series, as well as on the durability and environmental friendliness of these media.

We hope you have enjoyed these webinars. HP is now offering you the opportunity to receive free samples of these specialty media, so that you can see and feel for yourself the outstanding properties of these Latex media.

If you are interested, it is sufficient to click on the indicated link below and fill in your details, and you will receive these samples at your company address, even if you have not attended the seminars.

Grab this unique opportunity to get acquainted with our unique products. By clicking on the indicated link you will be taken to the form where you can enter your data. That’s all you need to do!


By the way, we wish you pleasant and meaningful days in the coming weeks!