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Mimaki TX300P-1800 MKII for Textile Printing

The TX300P-1800 MKII printer for textile printing, which was announced at ITMA last year, is now available. Compared to its predecessor, the specifications have been tightened and a number of improvements have been implemented. The TX300P-1800 MKII will print directly onto both textile and sublimation paper, thanks to the exchangeable printed circuit boards with vacuum for printing on paper and with an ink outlet for direct printing. The most striking feature is the way in which the printer can be configured for two different ink sets that can be used side by side. Both inks can be used for dye sublimation and direct sublimation, or one of them can be substituted for pigment ink. The printer can also be operated with just one ink type to accelerate the print speed.

The TX300P-1800 MKII is equipped with a replaceable plate in the print bed to print on both paper and textile.

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