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2020 set to become a ‘sensorable’ year

The latest issue of SignPro Europe (4-2019) looks ahead to the New Year and covers different topics relating to printing, analogue and digital signage. We certainly have many exhibitions and trade fairs in front of us like viscom, WETEC, ISE or C!Print, all have digital signage on their programme. That is why this editorial piece focuses on a case study originating from JCDecaux Australia (where it is actually still quite warm at the moment…) on Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothies.

The company has featured unique out-of-home facial recognition technology to determine whether passers-by have happy or ‘hangry’ expression, in order to dispense vouchers to sample the new range of Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothies. JCDecaux has collaborated with Lion Dairy & Drinks and its agencies AJF Partnership and Starcom to develop this unique out-of-home experience for the launch of the Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie “Fix your Hanger” campaign.

A specially built panel located in George Street in Sydney uses face tracking technology to assess consumers’ facial reactions. A voucher is then dispensed to redeem for a FREE Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie in a partnered store located in close proximity to the panel. Handy really, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world, so to speak, to get your ‘earned’ Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie. It’s there, immediately available in your local neighbourhood.

How does it work? When a face is detected in proximity to the panel a message is displayed asking the passer-by to “smile or frown for a free smoothie”. The concept is based on facial tracking technology, which is incorporated into a specially built panel in order to trigger and dispense an item. Ashley Taylor, Head of Creative Solutions at JCDecaux, explained: “The panel feeds image data from a camera to a machine learning algorithm that is trained to detect face orientation and assess the user’s emotions. A custom made vending machine is then triggered to dispense the appropriate voucher, depending on whether the consumer is deemed to be happy or ‘hangry’. It’s a fantastic way to engage with busy CBD consumers.

You’ll find absolutely more information about these systems at viscom, WETEC, ISE-Integrated Systems Europe or C!Print.