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ABBA’s AB Voyage Show

AV Magazine recently reported about the new, but already several years in the making of the new AB Voyage Show opened on 26 May in a purpose-built arena designed by Stufish Entertainment Architects at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. Early reviews confirm that it is like nothing seen before, as it blurs the lines between CGI and reality.

Solotech delivered audio, video and lighting technology and expertise to the show. It drew on its experience as live production specialists to aid in the process from the design stages to installation and opening night to help deliver the event.

Working in close collaboration with ABBA’s production team, Ian Woodall, Solotech UK’s director of special projects, led the project, with Paul McCauley overseeing the installation of the rental equipment in the venue, and serving as the host to technical demos of the system in the many months leading up to the show. Solotech’s Robin Conway oversaw audio, Oli James handled lighting and Alex Mulrenan managed video and cameras.

The members of ABBA spent five weeks being filmed by 160 cameras for motion capture as they performed the songs that make up the show’s 95-minute runtime. This footage was then used to realise the band in extreme detail, as they look entirely realistic when they appear on stage alongside a 10-piece live band.

Solotech was chosen to help realise this transformation from the video performance footage to the physical space due to its multi-disciplinary approach to live production gained from working on large festivals and concerts. Solotech’s Woodall said: “This project has been special as we’ve spent two years of our lives working on it. It is the most technically complicated and challenging project I have ever been involved in.”

Source: AV Magazine-Photo-by-Johan-Persson-ABBA-Voyage.