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Zund puts optical registration in high gear

Equipped with the new Over Cutter Camera OCC, Zünd cutting systems process printed substrates faster than ever. The fully automated OCC takes a single shot to capture all register marks at once, in a matter of seconds.

Sequentially capturing register marks to determine position and possible distortions of printed graphics is time consuming, particularly in applications that require a lot of them. With the Over Cutter Camera OCC, Zünd is offering an innovative expansion to the traditional method of sequential register-mark capture with the ICC camera. The OCC system is powered by Zünd Cut Center ZCC and takes one image to register all marks visible in the working area. ZCC subsequently compensates for any distortions, and processing begins almost immediately. Even after a material advance, no user intervention is required. The OCC automatically captures all register marks after each advance, and in doing so, helps create maximum productivity. With the Over Cutter Camera, even the step of manually guiding the camera to the initial reference point becomes obsolete. Sophisticated one-shot capture with high-resolution optics contribute to the bottom line with quick registration and ultimate productivity. For automatic QR-code file retrieval and the highest possible degree of precision, Zünd continues to offer the ICC camera which captures each register mark one by one.
The Over Cutter Camera OCC captures all points in a maximum area of 3.2 x 3.2 m (126 x 126 in) and can be added to any G3 cutting system.

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