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‘World-first fully automated store’ served by Philips displays at Modivo, Warsaw

A total of 110 4K Philips X-Line displays are helping shoppers make fashion choices using tablets at a new Modivo store in Warsaw, Poland where absolutely no physical stock is on display.

A total of 110 4K Philips X-Line video walls have been installed in a new Modivo store in Warsaw that has become the world’s first fully automated ‘phygital’ retail store.

The fashion retailer’s Warsaw store is located in the 85,000 sqm, Galeria Mlociny shopping mall, and boasts a 70,000 item range from nearly 250 brands, which include Armani, Boss, Calvin Klein, Diesel, DKNY, Guess, Kurt Geiger, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste.

The store has changed the way in which people shop, using the Philips X-Line displays to clear the shop floor of stock. Shoppers enter the store with the latest fashions on display on digital screens, going on to use tablets to browse the shop’s catalogue. Linked to the stock room, the customer makes their selection on Nanovo’s proprietary digital in-store platform, SIGNIO, which sends a code to their mobile device.

This code can then be presented at the fitting room entrance and, once scanned, the customer is directed to one of eight available fitting rooms, where their items are then made available behind sliding doors located within the fitting room. Lighting adjustments can be made to the fitting room and a wall-mounted touch screen display is also included, so that customers can amend their selections. Once the order is confirmed, the customer can collect it from a collection point where it is paid for.

Designed for 24/7 operation and with FailOver security, the installation includes an imposing, near bezel-less 25 x panel Philips videowall, which, thanks to its in-built Pure Colour Pro software for delivering higher luminance through custom colour temperature, creates an illuminating and immersive environment for visitors when entering the store.

Mariusz Chludzinski, sales director for Poland at PPDS, commented: “With consumer shopping behaviour already shifting online, MODIVO had a vision to bring the same speed, convenience, and cost benefits to their physical stores.”

“A volatile global pandemic added to the mix also meant that the store had to be designed in such a way that it could continue operating throughout the most challenging conditions, ensuring customers are able to have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable shopping experience. To achieve that, a partner was needed that shared the vision for innovative change to support the business and its customers – no matter how radical those ideas might seem.”

Source: AV magazine, 09-11-2021, by Dan McGrath, Display, Europe, Retail