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TTS introduces two new competitively priced canvas products

Super competitively priced canvas: Poly Canvas and Cotton Canvas. Suitable for Eco-solvent, latex and UV-inks.

Cotton Canvas
A canvas made of 100% cotton. The combination of the material and the canvas structure gives the product a characteristic natural look. Prints and colours will reflect beautifully on the matt canvas. Cotton Canvas has a weight of 260 g/m² and is available with a roll width of 152 cm and a length of 50 m.

Poly Canvas
Poly Canvas is the economic alternative of the Cotton Canvas and is made of 100% polyester. This woven textile with coating has a matt finish and is crease free. The material weighs 260 g/m² and is also available on roll, with a width of 152 cm and length of 50 m.

The new Poly & Cotton Canvas are ideal to use for interior decoration.

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