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TMG improves print quality and eco-friendliness with Agfa’s ECO³ concept

One year after opting for Agfa´s ECO³ concept, printing company TMG experiences improved print quality and an easier way of working in prepress, as well as an estimated ink reduction of 20% on press.

Taberg Media Group (TMG) is one of the larger printing groups in Sweden and a supplier of graphic products and services. TMG puts tremendous importance on quality, efficiency and environment throughout the group’s four print sites.

TMG have worked with Agfa’s CTP systems and plates for a long time. Over the years, more Agfa products have been implemented. When Agfa introduced its ECO³ program, including a number of software solutions that aim at improving the overall cost and efficiency of production, TMG was quick to get on board. The concept is suited for every business, from small printers to large newspaper groups and consists of several products.

“We have gradually started using more and more Agfa products, as they found a natural place in our business. When Agfa’s ECO³ concept was introduced, it simply suited us and it felt natural to join in. We have been running a full ECO³ solution for roughly one year now.”

Sandström points out that in the past every TMG printer had its own prepress system, which was costly and very inefficient in the long run. Today, Agfa´s Apogee Prepress is used as a central prepress system linking all printing sites together. TMG was the first printer in the world to run one central Apogee Prepress system from the cloud!