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The Delta Group Adding Game Changing EFI Nozomi

The Delta Group Adding Game Changing EFI Nozomi

The Delta Group, a London-based global visual communications provider, made an important investment in digital technology at the FESPA Global tradeshow in Berlin, purchasing an EFI Nozomi C18000 single-pass, ultra-high-speed LED inkjet corrugated packaging press from Electronics for Imaging, Inc. The Delta Group made the investment to meet customer needs, including increased demand for faster turnaround times and lower costs.

"The Delta Group have been following the progress of 'single pass' printing keenly over the past 12 months.We can see how this is going to be a game changer for many sectors, not only ours," said Martin Shipp, The Delta Group's chief operating officer.

"In an aggressive and reactive market place such as point of sale, quality, speed to market and cost per copy are key factors," Shipp added. "The Nozomi came on top when we were looking at production speed, material handling options, ink type, speed to market, cost per copy, and format size."

Scheduled for installation this summer, the Nozomi press – with its high-end grayscale imaging capabilities and fast running speeds up to 246 linear feet (75 linear meters) per minute – offers the critical capabilities The Delta Group can use to give its customers short-run, medium-run and complex versioned jobs that are too costly to produce using analogue post-print flexo or litho lam processes. The press's capabilities address evolving customer packaging trends toward customisation, versioning and efficient supply chain management among the top-tier brands The Delta Group serves.

Formed in 1991, The Delta Group follows a philosophy of continual improvement, first beginning as a small screen-printing start-up and evolving to now serve as a trusted partner of global companies, employing over 800 people across multiple sites.

The company is a visual communications specialist, providing innovative solutions for retailers, brands, and entertainment companies. Its suite of services is designed to improve marketing agility, reduce cost and integrate a disconnected supply chain in order to maximise marketing return on investment.
The advanced, new EFI Fiery digital front end (DFE) that drives the Nozomi press utilises the fastest, most-advanced EFI Fiery technology ever developed, providing a scalable, ultra-high-volume workflow for high-quality, versioned, multi-SKU or personalised production applications requiring consistency, accuracy and robust management.

The Delta Group's new ultra-high-speed Nozomi inkjet press is part of a complete ecosystem for corrugated production available from EFI, with leading edge inks, Fiery DFE technology and an EFI Corrugated Packaging Suite manufacturing execution system workflow. For more information about advanced digital corrugated packaging production with EFI technologies, visit

CAPTION FOR PHOTO: Martin Shipp, Chief Operating Officer of The Delta Group (centre left) at FESPA Global 2018 with EFI's Ken Hanulec (centre right), Frank Mallozzi (far left) and Frank Janssen (far right)