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Texo Trade Services opens two new stock locations

Texo Trade Services (TTS), expert in transfer printing media and printable textiles, opens two new stock locations in Europe: in Leicester the United Kingdom and in the French capital Paris. TTS serves a concentration of customers in these regions. With this local, customer-oriented stock TTS increases the service and delivery speed: within 24 hours or even the same day. Customers of TTS can guarantee their own clients even more speed and distinguish themselves herein.
Tailored range close to home
The market demands a faster delivery. The answer of TTS translates into new stock locations with a range of quality products that is tailored to the customers in the surrounding regions. Besides the warehouses in Leicester, Paris and of course Waddinxveen, TTS also has a stock location in the Italian city of Como for many years.

Small quantity orders possible
In addition to faster delivery, the customers of TTS also enjoy another advantage. They now have the opportunity to purchase a smaller quantity per order for proper stock and cost management. This way they keep their stock low while they can always sell their clients yes.

Future: possibly more new stock locations
TTS thinks fast delivery is very important. That is why the new warehouses in Leicester and Paris will certainly not be the last to open. TTS continues to investigate where it could be of service to it’s customers better and  faster.
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