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Quarmby Colour Installs EFI VUTEk h3 LED Hybrid Printer

Quarmby Colour has installed an EFI VUTEk h3 LED hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll inkjet printer from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. The Leeds, England-based printing company is using the 3.2-metre wide production device to drive higher throughput and superior print quality in its display graphics operations.

“We needed more productivity in a similar footprint area to cater for new customers and workload,” said Quarmby Colour Director Damian Quarmby. “We also wanted to upgrade our print quality. There’s been quite a leap in technology with the new VUTEk h3. The print quality is amazing, especially for fine detail, and it’s seriously fast!”

Producing high-end graphics is paramount at Quarmby Colour, which chose an eight-colour plus white configuration of the printer to ensure superior colour quality reproduction.

“It’s our first printer to produce text that’s too small to read by eye, that you literally need to use a glass to view,” Quarmby explained. “It’s great for small decals, barcode and machine labels but the true appreciation is in printed gradients. “We are printing ever-increasing amounts of architectural optical clear film for glass manifestations,” he added. “The exceptional quality of the new VUTEk h3 model is allowing us to print seamless gradient fades, especially using white ink.”