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Pure Zone Antimicrobial Surface Protection Hexis

HEXIS Group announce that their patented PUREZONE® technology, developed and marketed since 2013, is active in combating the viral load of coronaviruses. The characteristics of PUREZONE antimicrobial protective films reduce coronavirus presence by 95% after a contact of 15 minutes, and nearly 99.9% after a contact of one hour (compared to an untreated membrane). PUREZONE PROTECTS 24/7 HEXIS antimicrobial PUREZONE films provide 24-hour preventive protection against bacteria and coronaviruses. Powerful and safe, if in contact with the skin.

“Reactive silver ions, contained in PUREZONE films, will quickly inhibit bacteria and coronaviruses, preventing their spread between two disinfection protocols,” says Christophe BAUDRION, Director of the HEXIS R&D laboratory department. AESTHETIC PROTECTION EVERYWHERE – EVERY MOMENT HEXIS PUREZONE antimicrobial products have recently passed the ISO 21702 standard that proves their efficiency against coronaviruses.

“This additional benefit will not lead to a price increase. It’s a question of ethics, it reinforces our long-standing commitment towards our customers related to this product range,” says Christophe INIGO, Deputy Sales Director. Our customers apply our PUREZONE films since many years on daily-life contact surfaces. “Daily or casual uses are protected. From door handles to digicodes, not forgetting the touch screens of a large fast food chain, or reception desk of your favourite Sushi Shop, from the hospital recovery room to theme parks, applications and opportunities of our PUREZONE protection films are endless,” reminds Sébastien MACHU, HEXIS France Sales Director. “And why not combine the useful with fun!” stresses Marine GUELAIA, HEXIS Decoration Manager. Transparent films from the PUREZONE range come in matte, gloss, with a textured wooden or leather effect. Our PRZ150 (for medical sector-only) and PURECOVER products are non-adhesive. Caroline MATEU, Chairman of the Board, reaffirms the commitments of HEXIS Group: “Improving the well-being and health of each of our employees, through our CSR policy, is a fundamental value for HEXIS. We are concerned by the international health crisis, in our families, in our workshops, in our customer’s premises. Therefore, manufacturing products that make everyone feel better on a daily basis is a recognition for all our teams”.

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