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15-03-2020 one of first printing companies with a Durst P5 350

Onlineshopz is one of the first printing companies in Europe, and the first in the Benelux, receiving the new Durst P5 350. The printing system was installed at the beginning of March in the new premises of Onlineshopz in Denekamp, the Netherlands.

The young owners of Onlineshopz, Bjorn Wissink (33) and Maarten Sinnema (36) have purchased the P5 350 to further increase production capacity and broaden their range of sign and large format printing products. The Durst P5 350 can print at a speed of up to 120m² per hour.
The production capacity of their online shops has therefore been considerably increased for decorative canvases, banners and other sign products, but is also able to print on a much broadened number of rigid materials. This hybrid option therefore offers the possibility to print both on large-format roll-to-roll media with a width of 3 meters and to process on rigid material at a maximum size of 3 x 3 meters.
In short, a complete and fast production line is realized for both flexible and solid products.

“The hybrid option is of great importance to our company,” says Bjorn Wissink, “it gives us the opportunity to print large format roll-to-roll media for banners and deco canvas, but also to make prints on plate material, because there is also an increasing demand for this. With the Durst P5 350 UV you have banner, photo wallpaper, and sheet material such as forex and dibond in one fell swoop.”
Maarten Sinnema concludes: “We serve multiple types of customers, end users, resellers, but also large companies with specific departments such as advertising and marketing, both in Germany and in the Benelux. They all have their ‘peculiarities’, which we meet as precisely as possible with our services.”