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New live event for car wrappers at viscom 2019

Getting close to the action when top wrappers from around the world do battle – that’s one of the hallmarks of viscom. From 8 to 10 January 2019, the hands-on trade fair for signmaking and digital large format printing will host a brand-new car wrapping experience: the Nations Wrap Cup. After ten years of the European Wrap Star, organiser MR Clipart has created a thrilling competition that’s even more international, has even more categories and features an even larger female contingent.

Sixteen national teams will get a chance to compete against each other in the Nations Wrap Cup. Each team consists of four people, including at least one female car wrapper. “There are lots of excellent female car wrappers worldwide”, says MR Clipart’s Dirk Möbes. “And our goal is to involve them more strongly.” Twelve teams have already registered for the new competition, representing Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, Hungary, Russia and the US. Team Adria, a multinational team made up of car wrappers from countries of the former Yugoslavia, has also registered.

Prizes worth more than €100,000
All teams will be in action for the entire duration of the trade fair, since the Nations Wrap Cup does away with elimination rounds. Another new feature: each team will work on and completely finish one vehicle. Among their tasks will be wrapping and, for the first time, window tinting and PPF, i.e. installing a self-healing paint protection film designed to prevent damage to the vehicle’s paint from the impact of falling rocks, among other things. Sponsored by GEWA, the German Wrapping Association, the competition has prizes in store for all teams – with a total value of more than €100,000.

Car wrapping: Quality trumps speed
The decisive factor for victory isn’t speed but the result. “Our goal with the competition is to send a clear signal that quality craftsmanship is what counts”, emphasises Dirk Möbes, because, as he says, that’s what will pay off in the long term in a better look and enhanced durability. “Wrapping your own vehicle fleet is the most economical and, in my view, the most effective advertising medium for a company. The many miles driven in a service vehicle alone by, for example, a plumber who’s on the road every day, create so much visibility with potential customers, it’s simply priceless.”

Reach advertising professionals from across Europe at viscom    
Professional car wrappers interested in demonstrating this kind of quality work to an international expert audience will find the Nations Wrap Cup at viscom a unique showcase to present their skills. Interested teams can register by contacting Dirk Möbes directly (e-mail: or fax: +49 511 8744044). But hurry if you want to get in! The four remaining team spots will be allocated based on the date of registration.