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Ms Printing sets new milestone with the Mini Lario Printer

Mini Lario – the new innovative digital scanning machine by MS Printing Solutions – was debuting at ITMA.
Mini Lario has been developed to fill an existing gap in the market between the LaRio and the JPK-EVO in terms of speed and ROI. The 64 printheads allow Mini Lario to reach the incredible maximum printing speed of 1094 m/h (setting: 2xCMYK -1500/3000). Mini Lario features a host of technical innovations, including bold solutions such as positioning the printing carriage hang on the printing bridge. This solution allows for high-speed, accuracy and total system stability.  “Mini Lario is now the fastest scanning machine in the world,” says Luigi Milini, MS Printing Solutions’ Honorary President. “We believe that only by staying one step ahead, can we drive technical change. We have done this with LaRio single pass, and we’re doing it again today with Mini Lario.”