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Mimaki unveiled flatbeds and leather printer

Mimaki has used its Virtual.Drupa presence to unveil two new LED-UV large-format flatbed inkjet printers and a new machine for printing onto leather.

The manufacturer first unveiled the JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513, printers that are engineered for high speeds and high productivity, with a broader range of applications thanks to a wider range of ink types and increased media flexibility. These new machines, will tackle the high-end UV flatbed market. More information is expected to be revealed at the manufacturer’s Innovation Days virtual event, which will be held from 2-4 June.

The JFX600-2513, which has 16 heads, to reach speeds of more than 300% faster than its predecessor – prints up to 200sqm/hr in High Speed mode. The JFX550-2513, meanwhile, has eight printheads and can reach speeds over 150% faster than the JFX500-2131.

With a six-colour configuration, they are suitable for the production of large-scale decoration, sign displays, and interior materials, the two machines have a maximum printing width of 2.5×1.3m and can handle 60mm thick substrates. Both machines are compatible with standard size signboard production, and that their direct-to-substrate capabilities also allow for printing on resin, wood, glass, and metal. Both printers are also capable of ‘2.5D’ multi-layered printing, enabling the creation of raised texture effects for high-value, tactile applications.

Additionally, Mimaki has launched the new SUJV-160, an inkjet printer designed to realistically reproduce the texture of natural and artificial leather. Available in June, it can be used to produce bags, shoes, or personalised team sporting goods, and interior decor applications including floor mats and sofas. Cars and motorcycle seats can also be printed with the machine while users can also carry out in-mold resin decoration.

The printer uses Fujifilm’s Unique ink technology. The SU200 thin film solvent UV ink, which is developed by Fujifilm and exclusively sold by Mimaki, is said to provide “outstanding flexibility, stretchability, and superior scratch resistance on natural and artificial leather”.

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