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Mimaki launched a new large-scale 3D printer

Mimaki said the 3DGD-1800 facilitates large-scale production up to three times faster than with conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) type 3D printers.

The machine can produce objects up to 1.8m tall in seven hours and its assembly-based design allows for the creation of even larger designs.

Dual-head configuration enables the simultaneous output of two structures while the machine also facilitates the production of support-free hollowed structures, which further streamlines production while allowing for increased portability and the possible addition of interior illuminations.

Potential applications could include life-sized displays, event decorations, movie props and large product mock-ups, while the machine could also be used to quickly and efficiently produce industrial production parts such as moulds for vacuum forming.

Mimaki Europe senior product manager Bert Benckhuysen said existing users of Mimaki’s 2D printers could use their machines to cost-effectively decorate applications produced on the 3DGD-1800. “Our Mimaki inkjet printers can then be utilised to add colour and decor, making created objects even more impressive and immensely versatile.”

Mimaki said the 3DGD-1800 employs Gel Dispensing Printing technology, extruding gel-type UV curable resin lineally and utilising LED-UV light to instantly cure the resin, enabling lamination speeds of up to 350mm in height per hour.

The machine’s launch forms part of an OEM deal with Massivit, the 3DGD-1800 bearing numerous similarities in terms of design and specification to the company’s Drupa 2016-launched Massivit 1800.