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Inspirations for new business lines at viscom 2019

From storytelling for interiors to highest-quality car wrapping: sign makers, printers, designers and the like can explore new lines of business at viscom 2019 and discover numerous highlights. These include a live sign making workshop, a Fanshop and an Interior Design Day, to name but a few. They will make a visit to the trade show an informative and interactive experience. For the first time, Europe’s Trade Show for Visual Communication will kick off the new business year right at the beginning of the year from 8 to 10 January. And for the first time, it will be held in parallel with PSI, the International Trade Show for the Promotional Products Industry, and the new PromoTex Expo, the new Trade Show for Promotion, Sports and Workwear. This means the three independent events will make up one of Europe’s biggest trade show alliances for marketers and advertising professWatch top car wrappers demonstrate their craft close up: the Nations Wrap Cup organised by MR Clipart promises an exciting competition that will become even more international and increasingly focus on female participation. 16 teams will compete with each other in the Nations Wrap Cup, and they have to include at least one female car wrapper. All teams will work on a complete car each for the entire duration of the trade show. The tasks will cover the complete craft: from wrapping to window tinting. The competition sponsored by GEWA German Wrapping Association has offered awards for all teams with prize money of over Euro 100,000.

Stars for the POS

Those keen on seeing the best and most creative POS ideas should make sure not to miss the submissions for the Display SUPERSTAR Award. For the eighth time now, the exhibitors will bear witness to their creativity when it comes to displays and POS solutions. The “Night of the Stars” ceremony, where the winners will be announced in a total of 17 categories, will take place on 9 January.


Various special areas invite visitors to try out and join in. A highlight: the viscom Live Sign Making Workshop. Here visitors can have their own designs applied to various substrates using a variety of techniques, can fabricate their own tenter and/or luminous frame or learn sign making from a professional. The Workshop is located right at the entrance to Hall 14 and therefore doubles as a gateway to the trade show. Located next to it is the viscom Fanshop, which presents the exhibits from the Workshop, some of which are sold for a cause, inside the shop and shop window.