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INFOX upgrades new inkjet web press with Tecnau cut & stack line

Established more than 40 years ago in Troisdorf, not far from Cologne, the company INFOX GmbH & Co is known in the German tourism industry as the market leader for information logistics and communication solutions. INFOX belongs to the 7Days Group, a provider of logistics services, and specializes in the development and production of highly and hyper-customized media. Personalization, customizing and versioning in every conceivable form are realized with the help of 1:1 communication software solutions developed in-house.

Their new Tecnau cut & stack line is enabling highly and hyper-customized print media to be produced at short notice. INFOX needed a solution that would allow the printed rolls to be immediately separated into single sheets and sheet stacks, because in the past only cut-sheet systems had ever been used and the firm’s existing finishing equipment was geared accordingly. A Tecnau cut & stack line was installed in August 2019. Designed for web widths of up to 520 mm, this solution is operated as a near-line installation adjacent to the press. It is configured with an Unwinder 550 and a Cutter TC 7000 with a waste extraction unit attached, as well as a Stacker TC 1220 and a conveyor.

INFOX employs around 250 people in Troisdorf, including 25 in IT and 40 in the printing and finishing departments, covering the complete process chain from data management as well as print media conception and design through production to mailing and logistics. Among other things, the company keeps Germany’s 12,500 travel agencies regularly supplied with promotional material, information brochures and catalogues.