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HP Introduces New Edition Stitch S1000 Printer

HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) announced the latest addition to its HP Stitch portfolio to help print service providers (PSPs) diversify their soft signage and interior décor offerings, as well as meet more challenging customer needs. The updated 126-inch HP Stitch S1000 is designed to offer high quality with greater versatility and smooth operation.

“The new HP Stitch S1000 will allow PSPs to expand their dye-sub production versatility even further and say yes to ambitious projects, as well as demanding and innovative applications,” said Oscar Vidal, Large Format Global Business Strategy Director, HP. “With the large format industry set for a progressive year, HP’s latest Stitch device ensures soft signage and interior decoration professionals are able to handle a diverse range of customer needs, safe in the knowledge they have the technology to deliver.”

The highly versatile new HP Stitch S1000 gives users the option to print directly to fabric or onto transfer paper, simplifying workflows without compromising on results – while 1200 native dpi printheads and HP’s Drop & Dry system[iii] ensure deep blacks, vivid colors and extreme resolution to deliver work of the highest-quality.

A newly incorporated contact heater offers enhanced backlit saturation performance on direct-to-fabric jobs, meaning colors appear brighter and more vivid than ever before.

HP Stitch S1000 is designed to provide rapid turnaround production start-up times[iv] and speeds of up to 2370 ft²/hr (220 m²/hr)[v]. Additionally, it also offers the possibility to double the through put on substrates of up to 63 inches (1.6m) with dual roll accessory.

The Smart Nozzle Compensation system and Optical Media Advance Sensor Plus work together to ensure reliable image quality while operating at pace. With an additional integrated aerosol and vapor extraction system, meeting tight deadlines has never been easier.

Avoid media cockling, even when using low grammage papers, and get sharp results. With our unique Drop & Dry system, the ink is dried immediately in the printzone. For more information, please refer to the following product brochure: