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How white ink can help you gain a competitive edge and increase margins

Last week we described two features of HP white ink to convince Print Service Providers how they can give added value to their prints for their customers. Today we add two other features.
Thirdly, white ink works in combination with semi-transparent coloured inks to preserve the opacity of the graphics, so that images pop rather than fade or disappear into the coloured media.
Because many PSPs don’t have a large format printer with white ink, a lot of high margin jobs end up being outsourced. Those who do have the ability to print with white ink can create an opportunity to generate two new revenue streams: jobs that come to them directly, which they no longer need to outsource, and jobs submitted by other PSPs. The best way to do this is to take advantage of the unique competitive edge generated by white ink. Research shows that HP Latex is the technology of choice for the industry’s top high margin applications, reflecting its unique competitive advantages for printing signage and décor, as well as its excellent white ink capabilities. HP Latex technology is helping PSPs to take on more jobs, outsource less and do more in-house, enabling them to drive an average gross margin in excess of 30%.
Investing in HP Latex printers with white ink capabilities, such as the HP Latex 700 W, 800 W, and R series printers, can give you just such an edge. These facts are based on research commissioned by HP and conducted in July 2020 involving 100 print service providers across the US, Germany and India. For the highest margin applications identified in the research (up to 44% gross margin), an average of 60% of respondents stated that they use HP Latex technology rather than other printing technologies to produce these applications.

Fourthly, another interesting application is the possibility of thermoforming.
HP Latex R Printer series – expand into high-end applications and enhance your point-of-sale applications with thermoforming prints, stunning colours and the glossiest whites. Get the same look and feel in hard and flexible campaigns with one technology and say goodbye to printing and laminating. Why? Because with the HP Latex R Printer series you can say yes to short runs with high quality speciality boxes and displays with the brightest whites, the most vibrant colours and a flexible ink that facilitates folding and bending without tearing as opposed to technologies based on UV ink.
In the meantime: read our printed issue of SignPro Europe number 1 this year, and you will find back all the interesting features of white ink with HP White printers. You’ll find that issue already on the website: Or, if you are a subscriber, in your mailbox.