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Güstrow Castle gets a makeover from Schwerin Druck

Anyone currently visiting Güstrow Castle near Schwerin (Germany) will barely notice the maintenance work that is taking place. Despite the popular site undergoing renovations over the next two years, the façade can still be admired in all its glory thanks to 3,000 m2 of mesh banners printed by the German print service provider, Schwerin Druck, with the help of an HP Latex 1500 printing system.

Saying yes to the project at Güstrow Castle was easy for Schwerin Druck, knowing they could rely on the colour and consistency of its HP Latex 1500 printer. The company collaborated with the Schwerin State Building and Property Office and the construction company, B+P Gerüstbau GmbH, to develop a wrapping concept for the castle to ensure that visitors still had a complete view of it and its impressive façade, regardless of the construction work.

To create the banners Schwerin Druck used its HP Latex 1500 printer to produce a total of 57 sheets, reaching heights of between 20 and 25 m and a width of up to 13 m, is not an everyday job. The design is made up of approximately 2,000 individual images and, being finished to such a high standard, gives a realistic expectation of what the castle will look like upon completion of the renovations.

What’s more, Schwerin Druck and HP’s collaboration will live on, as once the restoration work is complete the banners will be secured and stored in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state archive.

Read the full story in the printed version of SignPro Europe issue number 1-2022, recently published.