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Efficient pallet display for Alexander Nut Group

Sofakrimi, Tagträumer, Geistesblitzer, Coffee Break and Prachtstück are the snack mixes currently being promoted in the new pallet display. Thimm developed and produced the efficient display for the joint presentation of all five snack types from the Alexander Nut Group.

Alexander Nut Group Holding GmbH is a sister company of the European snack producer Lorenz Snack-World. Commenting on the product launch of the new Nuts & Fruits mixes, Michael Weber, Corporate Marketing Manager at Thimm said of the secondary placement: “With this new pallet display we have ensured that all the different snack types can be seen and picked up from the same display. By building two product levels where the producer can place existing display trays, we avoid the need to position the snack pouches individually in the display. This means we have increased the stocking efficiency of Lorenz Snack-World and enhanced the presentation of their merchandise in retail outlets.”

Thimm has produced the 1/4 pallet display from B-flute in offset printing. The edge angles on which the upper products stand and the support brackets are produced from laminated EE-flute and ensure the necessary stability. The die-cut contour topper is integrated into the display cover and supports sales promotion in retail outlets. 
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