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Durst to release the P5 TEX iSUB

Durst has unveiled a new version its P5 hybrid platform specifically for soft signage applications with inline, one-step sublimation.

The P5 TEX iSUB combines efficiency, quality and productivity, according to Durst. With a width of 3.3m, the printer offers a top speed of 383sqm/hr. It features integrated inline fusing for direct printing onto polyester fabrics, enabling a single operator to run the line.

No investment and no floor space is required for a calender. The iSUB contactless fixing technology combined with its specially developed Sublifix dye-sub inkset meant the line can produce vivid colours and precise image details thanks to the virtual elimination of blurring and bleeding.

It can be configured with Durst’s Dualroll option to simultaneously run two rolls up to 1.6m wide and an integrated finishing unit to sew and stitch substrates.

Remark: While the machine’s USP is its one-step capabilities, it can also run standard transfer paper applications for offline fixing. Applications include soft signage, flags, blockout fabrics and lightboxes.

“The P5 TEX iSUB combines efficiency, quality and productivity at the highest level,” said Durst Group vice president sales Christian Harder.

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