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Cooperation between drupa and Federazione Carta e Grafica

The new Italian paper and graphics umbrella organisation Federazione Carta e Grafica established in June 2017 and drupa, the No. 1 for printing technologies, agreed on an extensive cooperation in November. 

The primary goal is to recruit Italian exhibitors for participation in trade fairs in the global drupa portfolio, thereby paving the way for them to develop international markets. Forming part of this federation ACIMGA, the Italian manufacturers’ association of machinery for the graphic, converting and paper industry, plays a key role in this agreement: as a partner it will be actively involved in trade fair participations and will take care of their operative implementation.
Pietro Lironi, President of the Federazione Carta e Grafica, explains what prompted the cooperation: “The agreement with drupa represents a quality leap. By entering into a crucial alliance with industry heavyweights and through ACIMGA’s solid global expertise, our industry vision can now expand beyond its previous boundaries. Established last June, our federation – generating a total of € 23 million in revenue from its three pillars – is growing at an impressive rate". 
Aldo Peretti, President of ACIMGA, adds: “At ACIMGA we are the first to achieve an agreement of this importance. It represents a springboard to increase the calibre of our international network supporting Italian companies. The alliance with Messe Düsseldorf and drupa opens up new business opportunities for our members on emerging markets, it allows access to the drupa global show portfolio and – last but not least – it strengthens our exhibition Print4All. This initiative will certainly increase the importance of our exhibition with the aim of positioning it as the ‘go-to industry event in Europe for 2018’”. 

Sabine Geldermann, Global Head of Printing Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf, is just as delighted with the benefits of this cooperation: “In the Federazione Carta e Grafica and its association network we have found a strong partner that can provide us with optimum support in the extension of our international portfolio. We hope to now increasingly also harness the innovative power and expertise of the Italian print industry for our international satellites.”

Italy is an important market for drupa and accounted not only for the third largest group of visitors at the 2016 event after Germany and India but also ranked third after Germany and China in terms of exhibitors, thereby constituting a firm pillar of this world leading trade fair.
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