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Caldera to use SportsFactory model for new project management initiative

French RIP software expert Caldera has announced its intention to offer project management services based on its recent ‘SportsFactory’ concept collaboration with MS Printing Solutions, JK Group, Monti Antonio and Zund. Caldera will be involved in solutions projects that will show clients how to connect the dots on their E2E digital workflows across digital printing applications. These solutions will comprise the implementation of standardized digital printing set-ups tailored to deliver color management, workflow and bi-directional business data between brands and print-contractors.

The SportsFactory Project has been brought into being to meet clients’ needs for micro-factory specifications, RIP and workflow solutions, a drive towards greater automation and textile ecosystem E2E. Caldera is able to use its experience and expertise to offer project management and color management solutions. Together with strategic partners, and bringing in other strategic partners as required, Caldera will project manage the creation of bespoke micro-factory and workflow solutions which might involve e-commerce storefronts, configurators, RIP and workflow software, integration services, color management, printers, ink and finishing equipment.

‘The aim is to create smooth connections between brands or websites and print producers,’ explains Caldera’s Vice President, Marketing & Communication, Sébastien Hanssens. ‘We will be using APIs to build connections between web applications and the RIP software, via our StreamLive SaaS application. This will allow for job management, tracking and production agendas and can be up-scaled to cover multiple suppliers or multiple brands.’

The intention is that the project should provide a combination of bespoke solutions – micro-factory and project management, e-commerce, product configurator, RIP software, workflow solutions, integration services and color management – to clients ranging from brands to print contractors and industrial printers.

According to Sébastien Hanssens, ‘We will be using the ‘SportsFactory’ concept that we developed for FESPA earlier this year to demonstrate how this new project management concept works. This means showing clients and trade show delegates a live printing application that demonstrates exactly how a workflow solution looks in action. Then we will explain how the SportsFactory model can be precisely tailored to their own E2E digital workflow.’

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