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Caldera releases new RIP version V11.2 at C!Print Lyon

Caldera has announced the release of the latest upgrade of its market-leading RIP software.  V11.2 will be demonstrated at C!Print, which runs in Lyon from 6th to 8th February. Three new features have been introduced in response to customer requests: HelpLinks, ContourNesting 180º and MultiLayer. At the same time, support was announced for a new OEM device: TotalColor qb, the Barbieri platform for spectrophotometers.

With a track record of more than 25 years behind it, Caldera’s award-winning RIP V11 has been further enhanced in order to offer Caldera clients a comprehensive RIP software that continues to develop in line with their needs. According to Product Manager Arnaud Fabre, “This upgrade integrates a number of new features that offer real benefits. ContourNesting 180º can lead to substantial media savings, while HelpLinks provides direct access to CalderaDesk documentation.”

HelpLinks allows users to add direct contextual links to CalderaDesk overview pages from within Caldera RIP modules. ContourNesting 180º leads to significant media savings by printing following the fiber direction, a feature which is expected to be particularly useful to users in the fabric, textile, traffic signs and packaging sectors. The third innovation is MultiLayer. This allows users to print multiple layers with different images for each layer. An example of an application for MultiLayer is with backlights, allowing for different versions of the same image to appear depending on whether it’s daytime or night time.

Additional minor enhancements to the program include:

Cut features :
• a new Background option, allowing the user to define the color around the registration marks for better marks detection
• the ability to add a cuttable frame around barcodes or QR codes in Cut
• there is a new Rewind At End option, which lets users decide to rewind the media or not after cutting to enable blade change or to go directly to the end of the job to be closer to the next job
Color features:
• new Rosette Overinking and Flower Bleeding charts in Color to improve ink limitation
• new Textile-friendly targets in Color, with automatic generation of double gaps targets for better textile measurements – for use with iPro/2 and i1i0/i1i02 spectros
• in Spot Channels, extra-planes are now loaded as spot colors, making the loading of Tiff and PSD files twice as fast.

Barbieri’s state-of-the-art TotalColor qb spectrophotometer can measure a wide range of media and is up to three times faster than a regular TotalColor. Now supported by Caldera V11.2, this is the most versatile XY table, the only M1 ISO part 1 on the market and the first M1 transmissive device ever.

Sébastien Hanssens, Caldera’s Vice President Marketing & Communication, says, “This new version of Caldera’s flagship product illustrates our continued commitment to providing users with the widest range of features to enhance their workflow. V11.2 is our response to our clients’ requests for additional functionality in a number of areas.”

Caldera will be showing V11.2 at C!Print, Lyon, from 6-8 February on Stand 2H32 and at ISA Sign Expo from March 22 to 24 in Orlando.