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Aztec Signs speeds up with new EFI VUTEk

Aztec Signs on the outskirts of Leeds city centre bought an EFI VUTEk h3 hybrid LED printer to increase capacity and quality in its output, as well as opening up opportunities for print’s next generation.

Brought to the Leeds-based company’s site recently, the new system replaced on older VUTEk GS 3250 and will run alongside an Esko X-44 digital cutting table that was installed 18 months ago. The 3.2m-wide system was supplied by Shrewsbury-based reseller CMYUK.

Co-founder Tom Wilton, who started the company with Chris Jameson, said: “We’ve been using EFI VUTEk printers for 12 years now. We did look at other machines, but we didn’t find anything that was comparable at the price point.”

He continued: “The h3 is a choice for the next generation of employees in our company, it’s about moving the business forward without us, and I know that this printer will act as a safe pair of hands.”

The h3 is a belt-driven 3.2m super-wide, industrial volume printer. A 10-channel system, it can output up to nine layers in a single pass at high resolution and features three rows of Ricoh Gen 5 printheads. It comes with a one-day field upgrade path to the h5 configuration which sports five rows of printheads, it uses up to 82% less energy than other systems.

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