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Aleyant joins Dataline Certified Partner Program

Dataline, a MIS/ERP developer for print production companies announces that Aleyant, providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry, has recently joined Dataline’s Certified Partner Program. The program involves an integration between Aleyant’s Pressero web-to-print solution and Dataline’s MultiPress MIS/ERP software, delivering productivity benefits to users of both automation solutions.

E-business and e-calculator
E-business has become an integral part of the graphic industry. A web shop with a well-defined and integrated customer-oriented process helps graphic companies to do (more) business and build up a loyal customer base. E-business provides, both in B2C and B2B environments, extra reach, extra service and extra income. The MultiPress ERP/MIS supports this evolution with its own advanced solutions. Especially the new e-calculator, thanks to a powerful calculation engine and full integration with the entire workflow, allows for much greater flexibility – on the demand and supply side. And this by fully automatic price calculation based on real-time information about all variables in the complete production process – ranging from the daily price of substrates to the available machine capacity.

MultiPress ERP/MIS software is now available in 25 countries and 11 languages, and in recent years has been investing heavily in integration and linking up with partner solutions. And that’s how Pressero came into the picture …

The flagship product of American parent company Aleyant has also built up a solid reputation and presence in the European market. It is therefore no more than logical that both superior platforms tracked each other down through customer queries. The result is a further increase in efficiency in the graphics sector, for both Pressero and MultiPress users.

The cooperation between Pressero and MultiPress speaks for itself, especially when it comes to functionalities:

  • Online orders with instant correct calculations for each order, dynamic pricing (in function of quantity, speed, machine availability) via the e-calculator of MultiPress;
  • Extensive possibilities for adapting files online;
  • Mobile-first responsive design;
  • Automatic upload and download of files in the graphic workflow;
  • Comprehensive shipment and delivery arrangements;
  • Advanced feedback: order status information, production data and status.

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