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Agfa guidelines for printing on float and tempered glass

Decorative glass applications are not to be confused with safety glass. Even when printing on float or tempered glass that is laminated with other types of glass (PVB film or EVA film), current safety glass standards do not apply because the digital printing process changes the bonding properties of the interlayer.

Unprotected objects printed directly on the glass can only be used indoors in a dry environment. In humid environments, the ink can delaminate from the glass. Even with the best primers on the market, this can happen. Protection with a top laminate extends the service life both in wet indoor environments and when used outdoors. When installing against a wall, it may be sufficient to seal the glass with a non-acidic sealant to protect it from moisture. Laminated glass naturally offers good protection against moisture. However, keep in mind that architectural standards do not permit it to be sold as safety glass.

The market: Personalized glass finished products for decorative indoor use.

Process: Prototypes for typical products of the glass industry at a lower price and in less time.

Info: http://www.agfa .com